Rajdoot - For the few who dare to live their dreams

Rajdoot - For the few who dare to live their dreams. If you are reading this article then likely you must be a fan of this bike or must want to have one. This is just my guess. The bike that once ruled the roads and yes here we are talking about the same. Lets meet the beast.

Rajdoot (YAMAHA RD350)

It is also known as YAMAHA RD35. It is a two stroke Yamaha motorcycle made in India by Escort groups from 1983-1989, RD stands for ‘race developed’ series.  In India it was promoted in collaboration with Yamaha Japan.

Let us know about Rajdoot - For the few who dare to live their dreams. The bike was packed with a 347cc engine and 32.3 BHP @ 6750rpm, it was placed with twin engine, 6-speed gearbox, with a fuel capacity of 16 liters and it went up to the top speed of 150 to 170 kmph.

At that time the brand was the fastest bike to ever be sold in the Country. Due to its high price, low fuel efficiency and unavailability of expensive spare parts, the bike was not a success in the market and was discounted in 1989. But by this time it garnered a huge fan base for itself and became a collectible for enthusiasts. Even today there is numerous RD 350 / RAJDOOT biker group who get together with their precious position and reminisce about the old days. "Rajdoot - For the few who dare to live their dreams"

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The iconic bike was featured in one of the blockbuster movie of our very own tinsel town starring the handsome hunk till date Jackie Shroff. In a movie none other than Hero, here it reminds of the adventurous racing sequence of the movie. Certainly, I want you to remind that Rajdoot and the movie Hero where the debutant of the year, 1983.

Jackie shroff in hero movie_01

Now lets pass on time and reach the era of our very own Captain Cool M.S.Dhoni. You must be surprised it is one of the bike that Dhoni restored also the first of his as well. Not only Dhoni but almost every speed enthusiast of 70's lived with dream of having one and rule the roads.

Dhoni first bike

Even today's youngsters crave to have this monster.

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